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Mentors for IBO Phase III Exam

The Indian Board of Orthodontics endeavours to encourage every orthodontist to take up Board certification – a journey of personal growth and learning. Our team of the Board of Directors is committed to this professional and personal evolvement of every aspirant and inclusive development of all stakeholders through collaboration, education and process knowhow at all levels. This Mentors’ panel is yet another step towards this vision and we encourage aspirants to utilise this resource.

The following is a list of Mentors, displayed with relevant contact details in a zone-wise manner, whose guidance candidates may wish to take to help them in their preparation for the IBO Phase III clinical exam.

(List of IBO Mentors displayed in a zone-wise manner with relevant contact details )

Sr. No. Mentor City Mobile E -mail
1 Dr.GautamMunjal Chandigarh 9827540550 dr.gautammunjal@gmail.com
2 Dr.Sunanda Roy Chaudhary New Delhi 9810007709 sunanda.9@hotmail.com
3 Dr.Gurkeerat Singh New Delhi 9811063930 drgurkeeratsingh@gmail.com
4 Dr.PuneetBatra New Delhi 9810335961 drpuneetbatra@gmail.com
5 Dr.Jyothindra Kumar Thiruvananthapuram 9349445572 jyothindra@gmail.com
6 Dr. Vadivel Kumar Salem 9443741415 vadivelk@gmail.com
7 Dr. Ravi M.S. Mangalore 9845221386 drmsravi@gmail.com
8 Dr. Sanjay Ganeshkar Belgaum 9886774344 drganeshkar@gmail.com
9 Dr. Sumitra Reddy Bangalore 9448388716 sumayjr@gmail.com
10 Dr. Elbe Peter Cochin 9447062019 drelbeortho@gmail.com
11 Dr.VigneshKailasam Chennai 9840237177 vignesh.k@sriramachandra.edu.in
12 Dr. Praveen Neela Telengana 9704824424 praveenneela11@gmail.com
13 Dr.Sangamesh B. Dharwad 9741131312 bsangamesh@gmail.com
14 Dr.KannaPeruman Madurai 9444154551 info@naladentalhospital.com
15 Dr. George Jose Charackal Kottayam 9446288387 drgeorgejose@gmail.com
16 Dr. Deepak C. Chennai 9840060745 Drcdeepak1307@gmail.com
17 Dr. Abhishek Ghosh Kolkata 8697191291 dr.abhisek24@gmail.com
18 Dr.TusarNayak Bhunaneshwar 9776015050 drtusar@gmail.com
19 Dr.M.K.Prakash Mumbai 9820059356 mkprak@gmail.com
20 Dr.GirishKarandikar Mumbai 9892636557 drgirishk1976@gmail.com
21 Dr.KetanVakil Surat 9377666998 dr.kkvakil@yahoo.com
22 Dr.VaishaliVadgaonkar Mumbai 9820071445 orthovaishali@gmail.com
23 Dr.GauriVichare Pune 9822066500 drgauriv@gmail.com
24 Dr.JayeshRahalkar Pune 9822045591 jayeshrahalkar@gmail.com
25 Nandini Kamath Panaji 9326119440 nandini_kamat@yahoo.co.in
26 Dr.AnilVarshney Mumbai 9820123684 varshneyanil@gmail.com
27 Dr.BhoomaVashi Mumbai 9820634585 bhuma.vashi@gmail.com
28 Dr.ArunNayak Mumbai 9819521758 drarunnayak@gmail.com
29 Dr.AshwithHegde Pune 9960474075 ashwith@rediffmail.com
30 Dr.HrishikeshAphale Nashik 8806807124 hrushiaphale@gmail.com
31 31 Dr.Gaurav Gupta Pune 9860467872 drgauravg@gmail.com
32 Dr.NileshHegde Mumbai 9987501404 hegde.nilesh@gmail.com
33 Dr.SanketAgarkar Pune 9822774803 dragarkars@hotmail.com
34 Dr.Ashish Garg Indore 9826340056 drgargs_1@yahoo.com
35 Dr. Abhishek Jain Bhopal 9451655117 abhishekjain1012@gmail.com
36 Dr.SachinMudrale Dubai +971508563119 sachinmudrale@yahoo.com
37 Dr.ShaisthaParveen Dubai +971564642794 drshahistaparveen@yahoo.com
38 Dr.AnkurKaul USA +17162381156 ankurkaul1@gmail.com

Disclaimer: The Board wishes to clarify that the role of the Mentors shall be limited to only offering guidance to potential aspirants regarding various aspects of the IBO Phase III exam and that they shall in no way be held responsible for the actual performance of the candidate or the results thereof at the examination.