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Board Of Directors

Dr.Vadivel Kumar.JPG
Dr. Vadivel Kumar
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Dr. Ashwin Mathew George
Vice Chairman
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Dr. Rajaganesh Gautam
Secretary & Treasurer
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Dr. Salil Nene
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Dr. Mala Ram Manohar


Commitment to excellence begins at the top. I would like all of you to know that the Board’s commitment is unwavering and our Board’s mission is to achieve excellence in orthodontics. Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. Even during the pandemic situation, the Board of Directors worked tirelessly for the success and progress of our Board. Our commitment is crystal clear and we are sincerely accountable in this regard.

These statements are easy to make but the difference is, we the Board of Directors live it every single day. We are proud of the fact we were the first dental speciality Board in this country to conceive, achieve and maintain a highly credentialed examination method for Board certification through peer assessment. It is a great example of our Board's commitment and capability.

We have grown over the years with the same vision and dedication to being the best Board in the country. We the Board of Directors are always available to talk to you about ideas on how we can become even better. Together let's achieve the highest excellence possible in the years to come.


The Indian Board of Orthodontics is single pointedly committed to raising the bar of excellence in Orthodontics. We envisage doing this by encouraging every orthodontist to take up Board certification – a journey of personal growth and learning. Our team of the Board of Directors is committed to this professional and personal evolvement of every aspirant and inclusive development of all stakeholders through collaboration, education and process knowhow at all levels.

The Indian Board of Orthodontics is the only speciality Board recognised by the Indian Orthodontic Society. The first diet and convocation of the Indian Board of Orthodontics took place in Bangalore in 1999. Since then, the IBO has completed 22 diets of examinations with 115 certified Diplomates. The Board certification examination process has evolved into a very fair and open examination that is set to maintain high standards and yet be accommodative of current times and needs. The untiring efforts, hard work and thoughtfulness of all the past Chairmen and Directors as also the present team have contributed to the growth and the present stature of the Board, since its inception. I look forward, along with my team, to a year full of fruitful activities, that shall further the cause of our Board.